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I am Obsessed With My Instagram Pages!

I am Obsessed With My Instagram Pages!

I wanna know....How big of a social media fan are you?? I LOVE social media. It has done amazing things for my business. It has allowed me to connect with so many people and it has also been a great platform to share my message about entrepreneurship/ financial freedom. In addition, my BIGGEST opportunity thus far for my company,  Made Leather Co, came from an Instagram post. 

Of course, it is important to get offline, but I will PREACH about the value of social media until the day social media

My favorite platform is Instagram. Instagram has to not only tell your story, it also must be appealing to the eye. The quality, the uniqueness, the boldness or the beauty of your picture is what captures a potential client/cusotmers' eye. From there they read your caption and if it resonates with them they will take a look at a few more pics and read a few more captions. If they recognize the consistency in what you are providing, they will click the follow button! 

It could be a matter of days or a matter of months before that person will eventually convert to a paying client/customer. But, it all started from one pic.

The goal is to get more eyes on your brand! Whether you currently $20,000 income months or $2,000 income months! You will always need new eyes/clients/customers!

Check out my layout below. My team and I planned my social media for the next couple of weeks for both my personal brand and for Made Leather Co using the app,UNUM. UNUM allows you to move the pictures around and determine what pic looks good in which location. It is similar to an artist stepping back from his work and taking a look at it! Once you have determined the absolute best times to post for your specific audience and are ready to post the picture from your planned layout, you just click a button! You can even use UNUM for free! 

When using UNUM or any layout tool, you have to ask yourself:


1. Do these pictures stick to the theme I imagined?

2. Are the right colors being presented in my pictures?

3. How do these pictures make me feel?

4. Does this graphic look ok next to the graphic under it, next to it or above it?


My layout makes me drool; I love it so much lol







A couple of months ago I started offering social media management to a few of my clients. It is safe to say that it is going well! One client increased about 100 followers in under 30 days. It just keeps growing! So, you may wonder if that is even a good number, right? Here is a breakdown:

Very Poor = less than 0% increase per month

Poor = 0% - 2.5% increase per month

Fair = 2.5% - 5% increase per month

Good = 5% - 7.5% increase per month

Very Good = greater than 7.5% increase per month

before (934)


After (1035): Greater than 10% increase in less than 30 days.


It is soooo possible to grow your audience and actually be able to monetize it. I have been able to generate at least 6 figures per year of passive income strictly from digital products, book sales, speaking engagements from IG leads and most recently by posting on my page for other major  brands that want access to my audience. 

I think it is about time that you get some of this free money just sitting there waiting for you!

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