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You Were Featured In a Magazine, Blog Or Podcast, Now What???

You Were Featured In a Magazine, Blog Or Podcast, Now What???


I hope that you had a fabulous weekend! Now it is time to get back to work and knock off all those things on your Things to Do List for this week! Are you ready??

My weekend was pretty low-key. The highlight of my weekend was that an interview that I did with Black Enterprise was published on Friday. I did not realize it until early Saturday morning...oops! Nonetheless it was pretty exciting! Want to check it out?

Click here to read it!


I wanted to share something with you. Did you know an interview is a great way to help pull more people into your "tribe"? It also helps your brand gain credibility and gives you better positioning in your industry. I want to share what I do after an interview is published. My team and I do this to gain maximum exposure without a publicist. Yes, girl! If you secured the interview on your own you can continue to save your coins and gain HUGE exposure without a publicist. 

The exposure resulted in a great weekend of sales for Made Leather Co. WHOOP!! WHOOP!!


1. Share that thing EVERYYYYWHERE!!!!

I share it on my Instagram page, on my business Facebook page, on my private/personal Facebook page, Twitter, Google share, LinkedIn, with you as an email subscriber.. EVERYWHERE!!! Why? Because what is the point of a great article if no one reads it??!! LOL It is like having a great business, but no one knows about it!

The best part about social media is that "repost", "retweet" and "share" button. Your friends and family will be really excited and will click away sharing and reposting so that all their friends can see. That equals more eyes on your story.

Do not be apprehensive about sharing it everywhere. I once would feel uncomfortable sharing interviews about my accomplishments and with my picture(s) plastered all over it. It made me feel as though I was being arrogant/boastful. I had to realize that self-promotion is the best promotion. If you do not do it who will?!?! Regardless of whether I share it or not, someone will always have a problem with what I do.... who really cares anymore?! ughh. At least in the process people that may genuinely be interested in the article will read it and enjoy it. 

I had to get out of my own way and stop being concerned about what other people think or how my accomplishments make them feel. That is not my problem...

2. Be Proud of Your Story:

When doing an interview make sure that you find away to not only tell about your product or service, but also tell WHY you started the business or share a story that you know will captivate others. Your story is what drives consumers to purchase from you. Sharing your story or a story about your business in your interview is what will allow others to connect and what will ultimately make them want to do business with you. Again, be proud and not shy about sharing your story and your article upon completion.

3. Boost the HELL out of it:

So your friends and family shared it, reposted it, retweeted it...YAY. Now take that same link on your business page and boost it on Facebook and IG. Pick the target demographic for your ideal client/customer and spend $$$ to boost it. In addition to selecting my target demographic, I also choose the option on Facebook to Boost to "Those that Like Your Page and Their Friends". Chances are that the friends of those that already like your page will also be a fan of your products and services. The best part is that whomever is targeted, if they like the article they will share it too. It is like your own mini "go viral" moment lol. Who knows, if the article/story is good enough it just may go viral! WINNING!!!!

When you do all of this be sure that you have everything in place to capture emails on your site. In the instance (hopefully) that your website is mentioned in the article people will click it. Once they get to your site be sure that you can stay in touch by email! Otherwise, all your efforts and hard work boosting and sharing will be in vain. You want their email address, honey!!!!!!! 

THIS IS KEY: Also have something in place for retargeting ads. If you are not familiar, retargeting ads are a form of online targeting advertising and are served to people who have already visited your website or are a contact in your database (like a lead or customer). Once they visit your site they may not provide their email address. However, if you have retargeting ads set up ads will pop up on their browser and on their social media feeds; you will constantly be on their mind ;) I talk more on how to set that up in my How to Build a Retail Business  recorded webinar.

Seriously, everything I did to launch and grow Made Leather Co is in that webinar as well as the Product Based Business Marketing webinar. I don't keep any secrets about how I have found success in the ventures that I have built. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. It is all there for you!!!!

In the meantime go drum up some media and then waste NO TIME telling everyone and their momma :)

Have a fab week!

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