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5 Lessons To Learn From Going Viral

5 Lessons To Learn From Going Viral

A few weeks ago my company was mentioned as one of 22 luxury brands to shop instead of Gucci or Prada. The article was shared on Facebook alone over 300k Times. I coupled that traction with a few hundred dollars in Facebook ads/post boosts offering a discount with the code “Gucci”.My goal was use this moment to continue to highlight that I was a black owned biz while many were looking to #ShopBlack

1. It was a success and we were swamped with orders... it was crazy! It’s been 3 weeks and I’m literally just coming up for air. No complaints... none.
2. I gained almost 1k new social media followers in one weekend and 
3. I also gained close to 400 new email subscribers in one weekend. 
4. My website had over 4K new visitors in just ONE day 😮 that’s huge for me. I have retargeting ads set up so all those visitors will continue to see ads on their browser and on social media 👌

Now here’s the interesting part: The business email address is set up on Google platform and Google shows a picture of the person you are emailing/ that has emailed. All of the orders were emailed tracking info. I was going through the emails today and noticed something interesting. The majority of the purchases using that code were not African-Americans. I find that VERY interesting as that was my target audience for the post. I also got comments under the post/ad as well as emails from My people telling me that my marketing was slimy, I was taking advantage of my people, that my prices were too high for my people. It was upsetting (momentarily)

1. Take full advantage of opportunities. Be ready to GO! You NEVER know if that day is tomorrow!! I saw what was happening on social media and did not hesitate to start promoting.

2. The audience you are attempting to target with your ad may put you in the eyes of people you were not intending to Target. (Note- all money is green and I don’t typically target one race) I did all I could to target the Audience, but of course FB won’t let me
pick “black folks” specifically as an audience 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

3. When you press the gas in a situation like that, be ready/expect for overflow. I was NOT ready nor expecting it to be such a successful sale. I hated that we had to send emails about longer shipping times b/c there were so many to fill. It was overwhelming for my small team.

4. Have everything in place as far as email capture, phone number capture, retargeting ads, etc so that when an opportunity presents itself you won’t have to scramble to get it done. Not everyone will buy at that moment, but keeping in touch is vital!

5. Not everyone will like your product and/or your marketing. People will always have something to say 🙄

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